A Letter to Chevening Fellows

Dear Chevening fellows,

Thanks the 112 Chevening fellows, who signed the petition released on last 11 Nov. to call for the release of Huang Xueqing and Wang Jianbing.

Unfortunately, Xueqin still remains incommunicado. Jianbing’s lawyer was allowed to meet him only once since September 19 2021 until today.

They have been missing for over 240 days so far, however, we are disappointed to see that Chevening official and the University of Sussex still remain silent and not speak out for fear of anger the Chinese government on this case of human rights violation.

Thus, we would like to invite all of you to leave formal messages to Chevening official and your alumni officer that you can directly contact to raise the case and to pressure Chevening official to respond and take action as the demands we call for in our petition statement.

We would like to share some information and channels with you here to help you to follow up and stay tuned.

Official channel established by XueBing’s friends:
Website Facebook Twitter

A story and a short documentary released yesterday on 18 May 2022 by BBC: In the Mandarin version of the BBC story, our petition is mentioned.
[Story] China’s Silenced Feminist: a BBC Eye investigation
[Story] 黄雪琴和王建兵:“失踪”中国女权记者和劳工维权人面临审判 英国机构被指“无为”
[Video] How China’s silenced feminist Sophia Huang Xueqin went missing - BBC News

Let’s stay connected and in solidarity!

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